Design and Construction Report (Contract 1)

The Design and Construction Report (DCR) for Contract 1 has been prepared and is available for a 30-day public review period from March 1, 2018 to April 3, 2018.

A copy of the Notice of DCR filing (English / French) is available here.

Design and Construction Report (PDF – 5.50 MB)

Please review the DCR and provide any comments or concerns you may have by April 3, 2018 by submitting a comment form through the website or by contacting one of the Project Members listed on the Contact Us page.

Background Reports

Transportation Environmental Study Report

The Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) for the Preliminary Design for the 26 km section of Highway 404 from 407 ETR to Green Lane was released for a 30-day public review in June 2016. Environmental approval for the recommended plan was received in August 2016. A copy of the June 2016 TESR and corresponding appendices are available here.

Transportation Environmental Study Report (PDF – 5.94 MB)

Exhibit 4-1 Existing Environmental Conditions (PDF – 1.13 MB)

Exhibit 4-9 York Region Land Use Plan (PDF – 1.55 MB)

Exhibit 4-12 Existing Structure Locations (PDF – 1.83 MB)

Exhibit 7-1 Existing and Standard Cross Sections (PDF – 1.07 MB)

Exhibit 8-3A-B Groundwater Susceptibility Mapping (PDF – 2.37 MB)

Exhibit 8-5A-C Preliminary Landscape Plans (PDF – 8.11 MB)

Appendix A Vegetation Communities (PDF – 6.41 MB)

Appendix B Ontario Government Notices and Notification (PDF – 6.13 MB)

Appendix C External Agency Correspondence (PDF – 7.98 MB)

Appendix D – PIC Displays (PDF – 5 MB)

Appendix E Recommended Plan Plates (PDF – 5.61 MB)

Appendix F Noise Report (PDF – 1.42 MB)

Appendix G List of Highway 404 Background Reports (PDF – 10.8 KB)