The Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) for the Preliminary Design for the 26 km section of Highway 404 from 407 ETR to Green Lane was released for a 30-day public review in June 2016. Environmental approval for the recommended plan was received in August 2016. A copy of the June 2016 TESR and corresponding appendices are available here.

Transportation Environmental Study Report (PDF – 5.94 MB)

Exhibit 4-1 Existing Environmental Conditions (PDF – 1.13 MB)

Exhibit 4-9 York Region Land Use Plan (PDF – 1.55 MB)

Exhibit 4-12 Existing Structure Locations (PDF – 1.83 MB)

Exhibit 7-1 Existing and Standard Cross Sections (PDF – 1.07 MB)

Exhibit 8-3A-B Groundwater Susceptibility Mapping (PDF – 2.37 MB)

Exhibit 8-5A-C Preliminary Landscape Plans (PDF – 8.11 MB)

Appendix A Vegetation Communities (PDF – 6.41 MB)

Appendix B Ontario Government Notices and Notification (PDF – 6.13 MB)

Appendix C External Agency Correspondence (PDF – 7.98 MB)

Appendix D – PIC Displays (PDF – 5 MB)

Appendix E Recommended Plan Plates (PDF – 5.61 MB)

Appendix F Noise Report (PDF – 1.42 MB)

Appendix G List of Highway 404 Background Reports (PDF – 10.8 KB)

As the Detail Design Study progresses, additional Notices and Design and Construction Reports (DCRs) will be posted on this section of the website.